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Nike launched 2014 Lunar Cross Element sports shoes, the shoes can provide the required cushioning effect of high-intensity training, durable and possessed flexibility.

Outward Bound has now become an increasingly popular form of high-intensity training. This training is generally in the form of the outdoor completed, including the duration of the multiple including running more than one hour.

In the design process, Nike designers to accommodate high-intensity training time for the design goal, and strive to create a long period of time can be trained in a variety of ground shoes. Nike Lunar Cross Element proved to be the best choice, versatile design allows for wearing the shoes not only to expand the training camp on the way in from the warm-up jogging, and fully meet the entire training process in a variety of actions needs.

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For such a long-lasting and intense aerobic exercise, the cushioning is the key. Nike Lunar Cross Element with a new design of the whole palm Lunarlon cushioning system, softer compared with the previous Nike Lunar Element used style, lighter but also more durable. In the wear process from the heel to the forefoot can feel soft and resilient feel.

"We found that high-intensity training in a large part of the action is concentrated forefoot part." Series of Nike women's fitness footwear design director Mueller says, "thus enhancing the forefoot for hiking or Tiaoxiang such training for the cushioning effect is particularly crucial. "

The height difference between the front and rear shoes palm only three millimeters, with thin Lunarlon cushioning system, leading to a more natural gait trainer for women, in a variety of high-intensity training will help them to maintain a stable sense of direction. Mesh rubber outsole is also very thin, flexible, and also the demand for outdoor training with a help to improve grip sole pattern.

Nike Lunar Cross Element also incorporates Nike dynamic fly line technology in the course of the campaign they will move with the foot continued to tighten or relax, bring a sense of dynamic fit. Fly lines are all buried in the mold chamber, allowing vamp completely fit feet.

From July 1 Nike Lunar Cross Element will be available through selected retail outlets and Nike stores.

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